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PADI Freediver Course

During your PADI Freediver course your PADI Freediver Instructor will train you in the 3 different disciplines: static, dynamic and depth. The course will take 1.5 day. With the right breathing techniques you will be surprised how long you can hold your breath on your first day already! After practising static and dynamic apnea, the second day we will focus on the depth discipline.

We will practise free immersion and constant weight freedives, plus proper buddy procedures. You will learn how to continue training after this course in a safe way. Moreover, your PADI Freediver Instructor will introduce you to specific Freediver gear. Learning to progressively go deeper and stay longer on one breath is incredibly satisfying, so don’t wait.

The theoretical part of this course can be done by E-Learning and will be reviewed in our classroom on the beach.