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Full Face IDM Discover Dive

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Try the future of diving: Full Face IDM!

This 2-hour program is a fun, beautiful and memorable experience. One of our PADI professionals will give you a brief theory session, including an explanation about the dive equipment. After several skills in the shallow water of our protected bay, we will explore one of our stunning house reefs. Here you will see beautiful corals, many different fish, and other underwater creatures. Dive certification is not obligated for this Discover IDM Dive.

What are the benefits of Full Face IDM compared to traditional diving?

No Fogging – No product treatment needed. No fogging thanks to the air circulation system.

No Flooding – large sealing surface and automatic pressure equalization keep water out. Breathing inside the mask automatically purges any water that may have entered.

No Jaw Fatigue – Nothing to bite on. Natural breathing through the nose. Frees mouth to communicate.

Larger Field of Vision – Designed wider and sits closer to the face providing a larger field of vision.

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- Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude you from diving, for advice contact us and check the PADI Medical Questionnaire.
- Flying and Diving – You will not be able to dive if you are flying within 12 hours or if doing two dives, 18 hours.