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E-foil Experience @ Blue Bay

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Experience the Future of Modern Water Sports! 

Foil Surf Curacao (FSC) is all about surf, foiling technique, waves, and wind. Ride towards an incredible experience and discover the exhilarating free feeling of foiling while you glide silently through the water! You can easily learn how to fly over the water without wind, waves, or even surf skills. Quiet and emission-free

What is Efoil surf?  
It is a new way of surfing, giving you the sensation of flying over the waves.


How does it work?

Efoil surf is riding a surfboard that has a mast attached to the board instead of a fin, it is powered by an electric propulsion system. The wings attached at the bottom of the mast makes you fly.

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  • 20 minute in water experience 
  • Unique on Curacao
  • eFoil surfing is easy and fun to learn.

  • Experienced instructor. 

  • You don't need wind or waves.

  • The eFoil is suitable for anyone with a bodyweight up to 100kg / 220lbs, and a minimum age of 14 years