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2 Tank Guided Boat Dive or Snorkel Adventure

After seeing our 2 beautiful house reefs, you might want to venture out to see more of Curacao’s spectacular dives sites. During our boat trips, we will visit dive spots that are not accessible from shore. At these dive sites, you will find fewer divers and untouched healthy growing corals. We will mention a few popular ones here: Bullenbaai: Right next to these dive sites we have deep drop-offs and therefore on this site we have more chance to see the bigger animals like Eagle Rays, Manta Rays, and Tarpons. Car Wrecks: Here we will find wrecks of car and pieces of the car that sank here together with a pontoon and a tugboat. (The tugboat we will not see as it is at a depth of over 50m/165ft.) Boka Uniko: At this dive site, we normally do a drift dive. This gives you a great opportunity to relax and dive only 1 direction with the current. In this way, we can explore a longer distance of the reef. Here you will see a rich variety of corals, among which many Fan Corals. Lovers Beach: The name of this dive site comes from the fact that on this little beach there is a rock with a picnic table where couples come for a romantic moment together. Besides a beautiful reef, you will also have a good chance to see Rays and Barracudas traveling in the deep blue water. Rolling Stones: This dive site is suitable for deeper but definitely also for more shallow dives. On the shallow reef, we find a lot of Fan Corals and Elkhorn Corals. Moreover, we can find different species of eels here. Depending on the direction of the current, we can also dive along a small wall. This wall starts at 5m/15ft and goes down to about 20m/65ft.